The ongo book 5 copies
Catherine Cadden en Jesse Wiens

The ongo book 5 copies
Catherine Cadden en Jesse Wiens

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What if "peace, compassion, and wisdom" wasn't just a slogan on a book cover but actually your everyday experience?

What if you were able to make a real difference in your family, community, and the world, by embodying those qualities in your words and actions?

The Ongo Book: Everyday Nonviolence is a guide for those who want to be nonviolence in the real world. The book offers a progression of short, simple, and doable practices for readers to incorporate into their daily lives over the course of three months, and a flexible structure that supports couples and groups who wish to practice together. Practices like mindfulness meditation, Nonviolent Communication, gratitude, and forgiveness are explained in clear, ordinary language, with an emphasis on how they can be applied in everyday life situations. From basic body awareness to making boundaries and speaking truth, The Ongo Book explores both the practical and the profound, with accessible yet deep learning for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

“For many years, in my own evolution and teaching, it has been very clear to me that, in order to actualize our spiritual evolution, we need the support of a community who share our vision and values. The Ongo Book provides a practical support for this vision.”

– Robert Gonzales, Center for Living Compassion, and CNVC Certified Trainer

"I once asked Marshall Rosenberg what it would take for me to "really learn this stuff". His answer: "Practice, practice, practice." My Companion Workbook was written to offer practice in learning the NVC model, and now Jesse and Catherine take us further and deeper, providing practices to really get it in our bones, from the inside out. I highly recommend The Ongo Book as a way to take Marshall's suggestion to heart!"

– Lucy Leu, author of Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook and co-founder of the Freedom Project

Titel: The ongo book 5 copies
Auteur: Catherine Cadden en Jesse Wiens
Uitgever: Baba Tree

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